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All SS Inductions products are designed and manufactured in Australia to suit Australian conditions. The Ford FG-X 6 cylinder Growler cold air induction kit replaces the factory air box and is easy to install.

The kit includes our specially-designed Big Mouth 9” inverted cone washable pod filter. This has a 5” diameter mouth which has a huge surface area for maximum flow. The Growler air box features additional viewing holes to see the condition of the filter. This also provides extra airflow into the system from around the bonnet area.

The standard system draws air through an undersized intake to a small opening in a restrictive square shaped air box that disrupts airflow. SS Inductions’ Ford FG-X 6 cylinder Growler cold air induction kit replaces the restrictive factory air box with a bigger streamlined air box that is much more efficient. Together with a larger volume of intake air it provides a more direct path to the motor with a smooth uninterrupted flow.

The factory intake is retained, connecting into the side of the Growler air box and secured by a rubber seal. There is no need for a tune. Your cars computer will automatically adjust to the increased air flow.

Expect power gains of up to 12rwkw (6cyl), increased low down torque, sharper throttle response and improved fuel economy. Plus the growl under heavy acceleration!

(Fits both turbo and non turbo for FG-X 6cyl range) Does not fit Ford FG models, FG-X XR8 or GT & Pursuit.

Weight 16 kg
Dimensions 65 × 40 × 35 cm


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